Molle Real Estate/space issues: How I fixed a minor dilemma

I wanted to mount my HSGI Pistol mag pouches via my chest rig, but upon testing that out I immediately noticed that an issue with non functional and rather cramped space presented itself. This leg rig setup allows me to carry both magazines comfortably and also have immediate access to my medical supplies as well. I can hold all the gear I need & everyone’s happy.

Equipment involved:

1.) Emdom USA Small Utility Pouch (multi use). In my case med supply :)

2.)High Speed Gear Inc Taco Pistol Mag Pouches (2)

3.) High Speed Gear Inc Drop Leg Panel

4.) Small malice clips (2) & long malice clips (2)

Long malice clips can be molle’d to utility pouch either horizontal or vertical, I chose vertical. Utility pouch was mounted in the center of drop leg panel, with a pistol mag (short malice clip, one each) surrounding both sides of the pouch (left/right).

When fitted to my gear there is no confrontation between where Ive placed my equipment. I can access both my pistol magazines and my medical supplies comfortably. The Drop Leg can be mounted to either leg of my preference without disruption of its natural function.

Since Texas fields may entail a few specific but rather key points in what to carry as far as safety is involved, and also to mention that I have experienced a few natural hazards such as an arm full of cactus, carrying environmentally specific items such as a small bottle of aloe vera, alcohol, or other pain/burn soothing items are to be considered along with the usual antibiotic ointment, bandages etc.

It needs a bit of secure fitment adjusting, but Its exactly how I pictured it before purchase & im really satisfied with the setup.

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